White Glove
Protection Group Inc.

We Create Embedded Teams


White Glove Protection Group specializes in creating diverse, high performance teams for embedded protective solutions, distinguishing itself as a boutique but scalable provider.

Our passion is to create full-time, embedded teams that partner with the full-time protectors who work for corporations and family offices. We’ve chosen to focus on this impactful slice of the security industry because we believe in creating the best teams possible for a limited number of discerning consumers.


The Solution

WGP creates high-performance teams that mitigate risk while respecting the needs and desires of each individual principal. Our focus is client-centric. It’s a partnership to identify what is best for the principal and how to best mitigate the risks they face without impeding their preferred lifestyle.

We are proven subject matter experts in embedded protection, with over a decade of experience creating and working as full-time employees in UHNW Family Offices and Fortune 200 companies. We leverage our industry-specific knowledge to curate teams and protective solutions based on proven strategies while providing the white glove service that we desired from vendors as directors.

How Are We Different?

Each White Glove agent is hand-selected based on their ability to both mesh with the principal’s eco-system and protect against the risks they face. We take the agent’s industry-leading abilities and develop them to the next level to ensure that they are a growing and productive member of the team.

We use a structured method that provides both incentive and accountability over time to ensure that the agent is both motivated and trained to meet and provide for the specific desires, needs, and risk tolerances of each principal. We believe that mitigating today’s risks requires a combination of industry experience, salient solutions, and exceptional customer service.

WGP uses proven solutions to meet the unique needs of today's principals. We realize that all solutions are not created equal and avoid easy or mass-produced security solutions. Our subject matter experts focus on developing partnerships with principals and their staff to curate custom solutions that are perfected for the specific needs of each principal.